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Post-Surgical Treatment

Post-Surgical Treatment

Post-surgery physical therapy is a vital part of the recovery from an injury or illness.

At Family Choice Physical Therapy,  our post-operative care focuses on functional and manual physical therapy which has been proven very effective in achieving a shorter recovery period from the time of surgery.

Our treatment goals will be to minimize the adverse side effects of the surgery and to restore normal movement,  flexibility and function as soon as possible.

Common Post-Surgical Conditions:

– Shoulder/Elbow/Wrist Arthroscopy
– Knee Arthroscopy
– ACL Reconstruction
– Total Hip Replacement
– Total Knee Replacement
– Medial/Lateral Meniscus Repair
– Rotator Cuff Repair
– Cervical Spinal Fusion
– Lumbar Laminectomy
– Lumbar Diskectomy
– Lumbar Spinal Fusion