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Sports Injury Management

Sports Injury Management

Sports Physical Therapy is another aspect of physical therapy which is not just for competitive athletes but it’s for everyone. Nowadays, sports physical therapy encompasses the needs of all individuals with musculoskeletal injury who want to maintain or to pursue  an active lifestyle. Our goal is to return the patient or athlete to activity and competition as soon and as safe as possible.

Common sports injuries:

– Sprained ankle
– Hamstring strain
– Achilles tendinitis
– Quad strain
– Torn Achilles tendon
– Rotator cuff injury
– Broken Ankle
– AC joint injury
– Calf Strain
– Dislocated shoulder
– Shin splints
– Tennis elbow
– Broken leg
– Golfer’s elbow
– Jumper’s knee
– Scaphoid fracture
– Runner’s knee
– Radius/ulna fracture
– ACL injury
– Patellofemoral pain